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At HHCS, we are blessed with a world–class faculty and staff. Want to know more? You’re in the right place! Please select a name from the listing below for more information.

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    Kathleen Entwistle

    Administrator A.A. Liberal Arts Burlington County College B. A. ...
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    Marcy Flanagan

    Administrative Assistant Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a ...
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    Barbara Feczer

    Kindergarten Teacher Baptist Bible College with a BS in Bible and Eleme ...
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    Doreen Carver

    1st-4th Grade Teacher Baptist Bible College with a B.S. in Bible, Elemen ...
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    Paula Gaehring

    5th and 6th Grade Math, 5th and 6th Grade Science, 7th and 8th Grade Science BS Elementary Education Gordon College, Wenham, MA ...
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    Lauren White

    5th and 6th Grade Bible, Social Studies and 5th, 7th and 8th English/Literature BA - Early Childhood Education - Cedarville Univer ...
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    Deborah Holm

    Director of Educational Studies,International & CST Coordinator, General courses University of Delaware: BA History/ Education, Ele ...
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    Deborah Jimenez

    K-8th Grade Computers
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    J. Fred Parker

    7th/8th Grade Bible, Pre-Algebra 7th/8th, 7th/8th Social Studies, World History BA - Secondary Ed., Anderson-Broaddus University ...
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    Darla Crompton

    Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology Saint Joseph's University, B.S. Premed Biology ...
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    Madison Errichetti

    Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus Cairn University, B.S. Secondary Education - Mathe ...
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    Matthew Laude

    Elementary Music, Band, Choir, Music Team, Western Culture – Music 2nd Semester Cairn University, B.S. Music - Music Education AC ...
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    Alan MacLaughlin

    AP World, Bible 10, U.S. I, U.S. II A.B. History, Gordon College M.A. Christian Admin ...
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    Margaret Maines

    Aftercare Overseer and BRS Substitute Rutgers University, BA in Art Education Cairn Uni ...
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    Kathy Minnick

    K-12th Grade Art, Western Culture –Art 1st Semester, Yearbook Burlington County College (2 years Physical Educat ...
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    Gayle Stephens

    Elementary/Middle School Spanish, High School Spanish I, Spanish II Bachelors of Science, Foreign Language Education, ...
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    Bart Welsh

    Bible 9, Bible 11, Bible 12, Accounting, Business Math, IT B.S. Bible - Cairn University B.S. Business Admin ...

Haddon Heights Christian School Board 

Mr. Graham Gilbert
Mr. William Reiss
Miss Kristen Schill
Mrs. Denise Speirs (Chairperson)

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